Resources to Look At & Discuss in 2020

Social media are awash with reading guides, videos, podcasts and trainings for white people seeking to educate themselves about racial justice, anti-racism, the Movement for Black Lives, abolition, settler-colonialism, white supremacy, white privilege, intersectionality, and generally concepts around race, ethnicity, and racism that we all will benefit from studying more carefully. Before going on: one small but important thing you can do if you’re not already is start following more BIPOC people on social media (note: following and listening! Not arguing with or asking to help you be a better you). With that in mind, we thought it might be helpful for SURJ Worcester members to start sharing just a few suggestions here of places to start — there are many more to continue with — and hopefully find a group of people to share and discuss with through SURJ.

We will be back soon with more! In the meantime, Racial Equity Tools provides this resource (with links to many useful SURJ pieces).

Towards Accountability

We (SURJ Coordinators Team) are trying to develop a mechanism so that folks of color can more safely offer us feedback, whether it’s positive or critical or curious. We know we have not done this effectively in the past. This Accountability & Feedback form is our first NEW try at something like this. We ask some questions, and there is open space to write. The form does not collect your email or any demographic or contact information you do not offer us. This form is up on our website, so it is accessible anytime. We will share it here periodically, as well as send it out in our newsletter. 

If you are white and you have feedback for us, please email us at instead! Thank you!